What is the greatest enemy of mankind just now? Colquhoun reveals it is the Popes who have concealed the Third Secret of Fatima – which reveals the actual circumstances of the coming of Antichrist to lead us away from our hope of salvation. In choosing to reject the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, they have enabled Russia, through their adherence to organised false ecumenism, to provoke an attack both on Christians and on the whole world. The responsibility – is theirs.

I believe there are aspects of the Fatima message that are being ignored. On 13th June 1929 Our Lady re-appeared to Lucy and announced ‘the moment has come when God asks the Pope, in union with all the Bishops of the world, to consecrate Russia to my Immaculate Heart, promising to save it by this means..’  a request that has never been fulfilled.  But she  had previously warned in July 1917 that, if it was rejected, ‘Russia would spread her errors throughout the world, provoking attacks on the Church and the Holy Father’, culminating in what is revealed in the Third Secret. The implication is that from that point in 1929, events would follow, leading to what is revealed in the Third Secret: in other words it became imminent. But we fail to see that the remedy she offered was not merely ‘optional’. Coming from God Himself it could not be anything else, but imperative. Hence the reason for the crisis we see today: it is because of the papal failure to secure it from attack. God was offering a miracle depending on set conditions, so we should not be surprised to see a Church losing its vigour, for our leaders have spurned the one effective remedy provided.

In the following I trace the events leading from 1929 to the present day, in which Russia has used its Orthodox Church in a ‘front’ to enlist the Church in Britain into the Protestant ecumenical organisation, through an ‘Inter-Church Process’ during the 1980s. As revealed in Chapter 6, approval for its participation was given by Pope John Paul II, despite the fact that in Scotland, this ‘unity plan’ was organised by a Russian agent, a member of that same ‘front’ which had been set up in 1958 so as to infiltrate the Church by means of ecumenism. Entry has led to calls for the acceptance Anglican orders, and also to the launch of a Scottish parliament which – significantly – is committed to the abolition of Britain’s ‘Trident’ deterrent.

According to Sr Lucy, Our Lady wanted the Secret  revealed ‘by 1960 – at the latest’, which must indicate an event preceding it – and by 1960 Russia had set up the above ‘front’ so as to use false ecumenism as a weapon against the Church. Remember too, the words spoken by Our Lady  before the Third Secret, namely: ‘in Portugal the doctrines of the Church will always be preserved.’ Surely this implies some doctrines that are of supreme importance in the daily life of the Church.. and that these are eroded in some other place? What more crucial doctrines than those that underpin the Mass such as transubstantiation, and evidence suggests they are indeed under threat from involvement in the above ‘unity plan’?

There are other ‘key pointers’ bearing on the Secret that we have overlooked. For instance, Sr Lucy’s statement  that the Secret is ‘in the Gospels and the Apocalpse’ along with Cardinal Ratzinger’s 1984 statement that it concerns ‘dangers to the faith and life of Christians and thus of the world’ – ‘the last times’ – and that it ‘corresponds to what Scripture announces…’ (interview in Salesian ‘Jesus’ 11/84)’. This implies that they contain.. a hidden message.  But what kind of message? Something long and complex, or simple?. There is a way of determining this – from the fact that Our Lady entrusted her secret to a child of ten, who grasped it at once and forever remembered it. Children do not remember what they cannot understand – which must imply that the contents of the Secret – are essentially simple. But since we are told that the Secret corresponds with what is in Scripture, it therefore implies that within Scripture is concealed – that same simple message. And it is significant that we find in the end-time Scriptures, certain cryptic texts. So do they hold the key? What follows is a work of deduction. We start with the message revealed in 1917 and follow a chain of events that came in fulfilment of those warnings. These events suggest a theory, which we then compare with what is revealed by these cryptic texts.

The fact that Pope Benedict stated that the Secret concerns ‘dangers to the faith and life of Christians and thus of the world’, means these efforts have general relevance, though it requires covering some Church teaching.