A rebuttal of ‘heresy’

The undermining of the Mass could be effected when our leaders invite an Anglican minister to stand at the altar along with priests concelebrating, in order to give approval to his ‘orders’ but that as the intention was defective, the bread and wine would be unchanged. But the head of the Fatima Center, Fr Gruner ignored this when he claimed: ‘the scenario you describe does not invalidate the consecration of both the bread and wine into the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ. If ten ministers concelebrate the new order of the Mass and nine are Protestants (including the main celebrant) and only one is Catholic and all pronounce the words of consecration, the bread changes into the Body of Christ and the wine changes into His Blood.. So your statement is heresy. According to the Council of Trent, 3 things are required to confect the Sacrament: a properly ordained Catholic priest pronouncing the words of Consecration, proper matter (of the bread and wine) and the intention to consecrate the bread and wine’. So he ignored the crucial aspect of intention. And when I consulted his colleague at the Fatima Center, Fr Paul Kramer, he did the same. But when actors depict ‘marriage’ on the stage or in films – no-one is married as they do not intend it. In fact  intention is imperative, as it governs the outcome. Note that the purpose of the event is to confer acceptance on Anglican ‘orders’. If it went ahead it would imply that they were valid, and that the Anglican ‘communion service’ is the same as the Catholic Mass. That after all, is the ultimate goal. But the point is: objectively they are not. So what the event would achieve is the obscuration of the one rite with the other. After all, our worship depends on faith, which in turn depends on a Church that communicates valid orders. So if a different object were presented for worship, it would destroy the sign-value of the Eucharist, and from then on, we would be unable to discern a true Eucharist from a false.’ I therefore urge Pope Francis to re-affirm Pope Leo XIII’s teaching that Angiican ‘orders’ are ‘absolutely null and utterly void’. If he fails, what is to stop an attempt to undermine the Mass? Iain Colquhoun 45 St Nicholas Court, Killay, Swansea SA2 7AG UK

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