Open Letter to all Cardinals

Open Letter to Cardinals 20/3/2019 My Lord, Your Eminence,


On 18th inst the Daily Telegraph published this about Cardinal Danneels: ‘After Benedict’s resignation, Pope Francis’s election in 2013 was considered a huge surprise, but Danneels boasted in his authorised 2015 biography that he and his friends had been instrumental in ensuring Francis’s election. For some years, Danneels and other liberal cardinals had been meeting at St Gallen in Switzerland, hoping to bring about what they saw as a more modern and enlightened Church, and specifically to ensure the papal election of Cardinal Bergoglio. This unforced revelation, along with the revelation of his support for gay marriage in Belgium, was profoundly shocking to many Catholics, for it demonstrated that Danneels and his coterie had been doing their best to undermine the papacy of Benedict XVI, as well as trying to influence the outcome of a papal election, which carries the penalty of automatic excommunication’ (emphasis added IFC)                                                                                                                                                         In the early Church there was a Council whose deliberations were so unorthodox that it was called the ‘Latrocinium’ – the den of robbers. And what have Danneels and his coterie have done is deprive us of a Pope elected by canonical means used to ensure selection by the Holy Spirit. This is a scandal both of Bergoglio and those who condone his election. For those who remain silent are complicit in a situation where a Pope is allowed to contradict Christ’s own edicts and so mislead us from salvation.                     I am, Yours devotedly in Jesus Christ, Iain Colquhoun My book – ‘The Vatican Third Secret Hoax Exposed and the Truth Revealed’ is available from Amazon and also from

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