re-appraising a knotty problem

I wish to challenge the widely-held supposition that we cannot solve the Third Secret. For this ignores two key pointers. Firstly that Sr Lucy of Fatima stated that the Third Secret: ‘is in the Gospels and Chs 8 -13 of the Apocalypse’, and secondly that the then Cardinal Ratzinger once claimed he had read the Secret and revealed that it concerns ‘dangers to the faith and life of Christians and thus of the world’…’the last days’ and that ‘what is contained in the secret corresponds with what is announced by Scripture…’ (‘Jesus’ Milan November 1984). It should be noted that in stating this he confirmed what Sr Lucy’s had made known, namely that ‘scripture holds the key’. I have pointed out that in the Gospels, there is a text with a mysterious ‘addition’ to it. It comes where Christ reveals ‘the starting-point of the last days’ –the ‘sign’ we are to watch out for as – ‘when you see the abomination of desolation of which the prophet Daniel wrote set up in the Holy place’ – to which the Evangelist appends the words ‘let the reader understand’ (Daniel 9:27; Matthew 24:15). So right where we would expect it, namely in the very ‘Gospels’ that Sr Lucy refers to – there is a text we need to solve. The key thing is that in the Apocalypse are found more such texts – and like this one they are concerned with the means by which Antichrist attacks the Catholic Church. I wish to make a short digression here, namely that many times in the past it was claimed a mystery was insoluble, when later it was indeed successfully solved. Take the Egyptian hieroglyphics – take the enigma code of WW2 – both solved in the event. And since this mystery occurs in Scripture, that is a further argument it can be solved – for either these texts were meant to stay ‘mysterious’ – which implies Gnosticism, or they were inspired as a help to our salvation at some crucial point in man’s history. And what did Christ say after the end-time discourse, including the critical prophecy of Matt 24;15 ‘there I have forewarned you’. From this can be deduced that these end-time texts tell us what is currently not explicit throughout the other text, namely the precise means by which Antichrist emerges. It is critical intelligence they reveal, for to know what his strategy is, enables us to be forewarned. And since he will claim to be divine, making miracles with which to mislead people, clearly this ‘intelligence’ is there as to unmask his strategy and save our souls. Right, so what becomes clear is that Antichrist, being a cunning emissary of Satan, has a plan to persecute all Christians, by making them worship him, not Jesus. And because God wants our salvation, He has inspired texts that unmask that strategy – by revealing precisely how Antichrist precipitates the end-time persecution. And an interpretation of Matt 24:15, which conforms to what the ‘Father’s’ stated, is that the end-time attack starts by an idol being set up on the altar of the Church. This begs the question – how does this happen? And in his 2nd Letter to the Thessalonians St Paul deals with the same event, namely the coming of a ‘rebel’ clearly signifying the Antichrist – who will by entering ‘the sanctuary’ – the place where priests celebrate – will by his actions ‘remove the one who holds back iniquity’ (Ch 2). But by definition, this must denote Christ on the altar, since there He restrains iniquity – and thus Satan from attack. But if that sanctuary and altar is the target of attack, we must ask how does the enemy gain access? Note that according to Paul, he ‘sits in’ the sanctuary. Now a sanctuary is defined as any place where priests celebrate Mass. So for the rebel’ to ‘sit there’ implies he takes his place, as if by right, among priests seated there. In the Church the leaders protect all sanctuary, so for Antichrist to gain entrance there implies that those same leaders have invited him to participate in a Mass. Which becomes feasible today as Pope Francis, have established a modernising profile is soon to propose a solution to what he calls ‘the knot’ – of ‘Anglican ‘orders’. Practically if he wants to demonstrate acceptance of these orders, only one way is feasible: namely to invite an Anglican minister to take part in a Mass as main celebrant along with Catholic priests. In doing so, their own ‘orders’ would have no effect owing to the teaching of Trent which states they must have to proper intention, But their intention is deceptive – and thus also defective. The effect would be as Matt 24:15 and 2 Thess 2 reveals, Christ would be replaced on the altar by mere material objects on the altar, which be being worshipped would constitute an idol set up on the altar. My aim is to reveal the meaning of these texts so that their purpose will be fulfilled. We live in strange times, and if the future looks dark, we need hope to inspire us. I am writing this on day Catholics keep ‘the Feast of the Immaculate Heart’ – that devotion revealed at Fatima when Our Lady revealed her great ‘message’ of Fatima. If we take as ‘Gospel’ that the Antichrist comes leading a final persecution of all Christians, then what Our Lady promised at the end of her message, is now made fully understandable. That is, by revealing a great miracle of the conversion of Russia, what she was implying was the crushing of the snake’s head by her heel (Genesis 3:15) and so the final defeat of Satan as the Church – now triumphant – prepares to meet its Saviour. Surely it is this perspective that should hold and inspire us as we await future events? Iain Colquhoun 29.6.2019

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